The comedic stylings of nathan fielder essay

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The comedic stylings of nathan fielder essay

Without context, its premise sounds like a tastelessly classist prank show or some Sacha Baron Cohen thing: If you do not enjoy watching unsuspecting people get made fun of for sport, you could be forgiven for thinking Nathan for You is not your version of a good time.

You could also be mistaken. This past October, the A. This reading posits Nathan for You as a comedic inversion of a familiar reality show structure. In one sense, this all checks out. Every episode of Nathan for You is deliberately structured so that no matter what happens, Nathan himself is always the punchline.

No matter what anyone else does, they are always doing it in reaction to Nathan. But that modifier is important. Nathan for You might not be designed to punish its participants, but it absolutely takes advantage of their politeness, their credulity, their confusion, and their desire to be on TV.

The comedic stylings of nathan fielder essay

Your reaction to the way the show constantly positions Nathan as its ultimate punchline is a good litmus test for your ability to enjoy the whole thing. The show might not be exploitative or explicitly mean to its subjects, but they are still its grist, and ultimately, your ability to stomach that fact is what will determine whether Nathan for You is, in fact, for you.

To put on the blinders to any sort of consequences outside of that. On another show, a life makeover would see Corey going through a course of self-improvement, therapy, or dramatic change on his own, but in Nathan for You-world, it means that Nathan studies his voice and mannerisms, commissions a Hollywood makeup artist to create a 3D prosthetic mask of his face, takes away his phone and I.

The whole scheme culminates in a dramatic stunt where Nathan, in full Corey-mask and bodysuit, performs a tightrope walk for charity! At one point in the episode, Nathan sets up a fake OKCupid profile for Corey and embarks on a date as him, mask and all, with a woman named Jasmine who seems lovely, who I really hope got something nice out of this whole thing.

Jasmine is game, so later, right before the walk, as Nathan is giving an incredibly confused Corey a harried run-down of the whole situation, he opens a binder to a picture of her. The crowd sees what they showed up to see a guy on a tightrope for some reason and in a sense, everyone gets what they came for.

But watching the show like this means you have to mute your sense of empathy. In other words, if you want to like the show without ever feeling weird about what it means to like it, you have to do so on a technicality — the same kind Nathan is always exploiting at the expense of his ability to be a good person.

The most emotionally honest way to watch Nathan for You is also the least comfortable: You have to go through the show instead of just watch it. For this he hires a child actor and two porn stars, locking the kid in the box while the adults have incredibly loud sex just a few feet away.

If nothing else, Nathan for You is a really, really well-edited show.Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder is not a Marxist, and he doesn’t play one on TV.

The politics of Nathan For You might be closest to the historical materialism articulated by Walter Benjamin in his essay “On the Concept of History. A man with more than 50 years of comedy experience is taking his crack at YouTube. but if he does remain active, his comedy stylings will be a great fit with digital audiences.

His silly-yet-satirical work has held up for decades, and I see no reason why it won’t continue to hold up online. Nathan Fielder’s Old YouTube Channel Is As. Comedy Central’s Nathan For You is one of the best series on TV, but articulating that to the uninitiated is tough.

On its surface, the show, which finds lonely “business consultant” Nathan Fielder conjuring up elaborate marketing stunts for small businesses, can feel callous and cruel, as if he’s punking them or exploiting their politeness.

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And Fielder’s steadfast commitment to being Nathan (which isn’t just philosophical but physical — when Nathan spends five hours in a car with a P.I. on a stakeout, or trains for months to pull off a stunt, Fielder does too) is its own kind of disappearing act.

The List playtested several titles (see below), however it was the augmented reality games that caused the biggest buzz, the 3DS bringing its 3D processing power to bear on real life objects as. “Finding Frances,” the Season 4 finale of the Comedy Central series “Nathan for You,” from the Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder, is my new favorite exploration of love.

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