Why capital punishment should be reinstated essay

Support for the death penalty in Britain seems to be slowly declining although it is supported by many young people who were not born when we still had it.

Why capital punishment should be reinstated essay

Essay on should death penalty be abolished Article shared by This statement still today is a dilemma not only for our country, but many other countries also.

There is a controversy between the groups, one in favor of the death punishment and the other against the death punishment. But there are many questions which have to be answered.

Should a criminal or culprit be sentenced to death? Or should he be given a prison sentence for life? Will the abolition of death penalty result in a sharp increase in the number of murders?

These and similar questions keep agitating the minds of right thinking persons all over the world. England took the initiative and abolished the death sentence.

Why capital punishment should be reinstated essay

If a man took the life of another man, society took the life of the murderer. But such blood thirsty punishments are no more in tune with the present civilized time when all human beings enjoy equal rights and privileges and every man is respected as a human being.

Fear of death is the greatest fear. It puts a man on the right track and it is this fear that prevents him from causing death of another person. So they had to revert to death penalty. They are the worst enemies of society. It is also a known fact of history that the crime rate is less in such of the countries where the punishments are terrifying.

So such punishments can create a terror in the hearts of would-be-offenders. So retention of death punishment is the only method of abolishing and reducing murders and other heinous crimes.

The punishment should aim at reforming the criminal and not putting an end to his life. It is also said that a criminal is mentally sick person and he must be cured of his ailment rather than he be destroyed completely.

Simultaneously there is another very important question—Should there be no bar on killings? Where would it end up? It is so because no peaceful life is possible without putting a curve on the savage instinct of murder. Hence is the need for death punishment.

Most of the persons are of the view that punishment should be either reformative or deterrent, but death sentence is neither. It cannot reform that criminal since he is dead and is beyond good or bad.

For centuries there is the practice of hanging the criminals, but murders and other crimes of violence have not come to an end. Countries which have abolished death sentence find that there is no increase in the numbers.

There is a well known stipulate of the jurisprudence which says: The law courts go by witnesses and proofs which sometimes are not correct and the innocent persons are deprived of their life.

In view of the vital importance of the subject the UN General Assembly after having discussed the issues involved passed a resolution for abolition of capital punishment.

EPQ- Should Death Penalty be reinstated in the UK?:

The International Convention on Civil and Political Rights also envisaged abolition of death penalty. Another factor also merits careful examination. In recent times societies have become sympathetically generous towards the physically handicapped. It is conceivable that someone who goes to the extent of killing a fellow human being is emotionally handicapped.


Does he not deserve some consideration for this handicap? Again this does not mean that he should be indulged in or pampered. In this light imprisonment, along with opportunities and help for the murderer to reform himself, is more appropriate way to handle him.Some states use lethal injection, the electric chair, or hanging.

Lethal injection has become the most popular choice of capital punishment. (Open Discuss) The first issue of the death penalty is morality.

Crimes such as murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, etc. are so heinous and disturbing that some believe capital punishment should be a no brainer.

Why capital punishment should be reinstated essay

Nov 24,  · Capital punishment is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the law as a punishment for a heinous crime, particularly murder and child rape.

Capital punishment is also known as the death penalty, and the crimes that can lead to capital punishment. Capital punishment, which is also referred to as the death penalty, is defined by Webster Dictionary as, "the pre-meditated and planned taking of a human life by a government in response to a crime committed by that legally convicted person.".

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It diminishes rapidly in size, in consequence of the many. Capital Punishment, Should It Or Should It Not Be Used In Today's Criminal Judging System words - 7 pages While Capital Punishment has been one of the most feared things of our time, it is still being questioned if it is unconstitutional.

The Death Penalty is being enforced in more than countries in the world and are usually in used in politically-related cases.

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